Valentini Super Power Harrows
Valentini PTO Powered Tillage Equipment:
Incomparably Superior Single Pass Results
Fixed Rotary Power Harrows
Folding Rotary Power Harrows
Combination Power Harrow & Elevated Bed Former
Our Valentini Power Harrows Offer Dramatic Efficiencies With Unique & Superior Results, Personal Pay Backs & Environmental Benefits That Are Out Of This World:
Dramatic Efficiencies, Unique & Superior Results:
Personal Paybacks:
The Obvious Environmental Benefits:

NOTE: In some of the most compacted & neglected ground conditions, ripping & sub-soiling should be performed before using any tillage equipment for producing seedbeds, or for producing workable soils for grading. For excellent PTO powered & highly concentrated deep soil conditioning that introduces unparalled aeration & moisture penetration, consider our Selvatici PTO Powered Spaders: