WRAG Drivers are Available with the Best & Widest Variety of Features & Configurations, Accommodating a Broad Spectrum of Applications!
From the Basic T660 Driver with Hydraulic Tilt & 110,000lb’s of Drop Hammer Driving Force,
to the Fully Articulated Diadem with a Pivoting Boom, 165° of Left to Right Swing & Offset,
Telescoping Boom Providing Up To 8’ of Reach & 140,000lb’s Drop Hammer Pounding Force for Driving Posts Up To 14’!
Plus, All The Features & Options Listed Below:
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic Systems (eliminates the clumsy & awkward return line to route & install).
  • Springless Hammering Force (eliminates spring maintenance, expensive replacement cost & unexpected down time from broken springs).
  • 110,000lb's & 140,000lb's of Drop Hammer Weight (for maximum penetration from each stroke).
    • Plus, the Springless Drop Hammer features make this the most stable driver, enabling the straightest posts, with efficiency & safety!
  • Open Frame Construction allows pounding posts into an existing fence line w/o damaging the existing fence wire.
    • Since the post is not nested in the webbing of an 'H' beam (as w/most Drivers), WRAG'S open frame design enables filling an existing fence line w/o stretching or damaging the existing fence!
  • Hydraulic Tilt (for convenient & accurate post positioning to set the straightest posts).
  • Hydraulic Rear Legs & Hydraulic Telescoping Mast Legs.
  • Industrial Duty poly/cotton Braided Rope for a long & trouble free service life (eliminates steel cables that fray & kink).
  • Rock Spike & Extractor are available as an option for the toughest rocky ground.
    • All WRAG Drivers include an extra spool valve, and mounting lugs to accommodate easy ‘after purchase’ Rock Spike addition.
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